Modern Supply Chain Challenges: Can Digitalization Help?

Wed 24 August, 2022

Modern Supply Chain Challenges: Can Digitalization Help?

This whitepaper is brought to you by ECU360, based on industry research and internal studies.

Businesses are struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of the modern supply chain. The goal of this whitepaper is to discuss how digitalization can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of modern supply chain challenges. In this whitepaper, we will deep dive into:

  • Shipping Line & Container Schedule Reliability
  • Challenges of Traditional Freight Forwarding
  • Traditional vs Digitized Freight Forwarding
  • How Digital Resolves your Problem?

Markets are looking up and the global trade is expected to reach new heights. Question is, are freight forwarders ready to benefit from the upcoming volatility?

The traditional mode of freight forwarding business is often disconnected from consumer expectations. Our studies show that traditional freight forwarders are almost 12 times less efficient than digital ones. But the buck doesn’t stop here.

Without clean structured data, it is almost impossible for any business to identify and leverage high profitability areas. For example, identifying the most profitable shipping routes your customers can use.

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