Trucking Terms and Conditions

ECU Worldwide Trucking Terms and Conditions

General Conditions.

a.) All trucking rates are quoted based on standard economy service. Whilst all efforts will be made to accommodate the customer’s needs, The pick up or delivery will be made at a date/time of ECU Worldwide’s (and their appointed vendors discretion). All quotes are based on LTL (less than truckload) services. The carrier is responsible for collecting or delivering the cargo from the customers kerbside or loading ramp. The customer is solely responsible for the loading or offloading of the cargo.

b.) For specific customer requirements we can offer in some countries premium services, including same day, next day, timed…etc. These services will be listed under the additional services features (if available)

c.) Commercial location: Defined as a premises which is a commercial company which is able to load and offload cargo with a forklift or other alternative method.

d.) Residential location: Defined as a premises in a residential area without the means to offload cargo.

e.) Limited Access location: Defined as a premises either commercial, residential or public which are located In place where access for commercial vehicles is often restricted. With such premises often smaller or specialized vehicles are required or truckers are required to adhere to certain requirements which means costs may vary. Although not exhaustive below is a guideline of possible locations this may apply to. For certain countries we can accommodate these locations. If unsure please contact your local office for confirmation

1) Airports or locations on airport property
2) Casinos
3) Camps, Carnivals, Fairs
4) Chautauquas, Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Temples, Convents
5) Schools
6) Colleges and Universities
7) Medical/Urgent care sites
8) Prisons / other correctional facilities
9) Construction Sites
10) Individual / Mini Storage Units
11) Mine Sites or Quarries
12) Golf Courses, Country Clubs
13) Nuclear Power Plants
14) Military Bases/Installations 15. Parks, Farms, Ranches
15) Court houses
16) Day cares
17) Hotels, Motels, Resorts
18) Restaurants, Bars, Night Clubs
19) Cemeteries
20) Outdoor flea markets
21) Retirement/Nursing Homes

f.) Vehicle Access: For all pick ups and deliveries locations must be accessible with large HGV/Articulated vehicles. Vehicles must be able to stop and park within the premises to load/offload the cargo accordingly

g.) Waiting time: Quotes are based on the premises loading/unloading the cargo within the allocated time. The allocated time with vary country to country, please refer to the country trucking conditions. If the premises fails to load within the allocated time further charges (waiting time) my apply

h.) Weight and Dimensions: Each country and their vendors apply their own limitations for shipment weights and dimensions. These are hardcoded into the platform or can be view on the country specific conditions. Where dimensions or weights of pieces are not disclosed at the time of quote, trucking prices may not be honoured. We advise where possible to include these at the time of quotation.

i.) Non Stackable: Unless specifically requested all quotes are based on cargo being stackable In a safe manner.

k.) Unpacked and Awkward shape/Size cargo: All quotes are based on cargo being professionally packed, which can be lifted and manipulated by conventional loading equipment. If cargo is an awkward shape or size this may inhibit efficient loading and stowage. In such cases additional charges may apply from the vendor

l.) Hazardous / prohibited cargo: Unless specifically requested all quotes are based on good being classified as non hazardous cargo by road (within the country jurisdiction). All cargo must be prohibited to move as LTL within the rule of the country jurisdiction.

m.) Trucking Rate Validity: Where possible all trucking validities will align with the freight validity. There may be some exceptions where this is not possible. Please refer to the country specific trucking conditions for confirmation. All Quotes are based on the information input being correct. If any requirements change during the execution of the delivery the rate may be subject to adjustment.