How Different Shipping Methods Impact a Freight Forwarder’s Sales & Revenues?

How Different Shipping Methods Impact a Freight Forwarder’s Sales & Revenues?

The international freight shipping rates touched $10,800 in September 2021, the highest in the past years. The cost of container freight has increased exponentially during the COVID-19 times, and it has caused businesses to rethink optimizing their shipment methods also it was directly impacting Freight Forwarder’s Sales & Revenues.

Different freight shipment methods offer different benefits and downsides; you need to strategize your shipments deliveries to get the best revenue and profit numbers.

It might sound like an overwhelming task to look at, but you can pull this off with a thorough understanding and access to the right technology.

So without further ado, let’s discuss the different freight shipment methods you have and how they can be profitable for your business. All Shipping Methods are Unique.

Some shipping methods can be more relevant than others in a given scenario and hence freight forwarders should not just look at the upfront cost but also the relevance in the entire shipping mix.  Only looking at only costs while finalizing a shipping method may result in improper packaging, documentation, and processes which may be damaging for the shipment at the end of the day. Hence freight forwarders should wisely choose the most relevant shipping method first and then see how cost can be optimized without having a negative impact on a cargo delivery.

  • Air Freight

Airfreight shipments are the fastest mode of freight shipment methods you can avail of. If you have a time crunch and want to deliver the supply as quickly as possible, you can choose air flights. You need to ensure that your receiver offers you a hefty amount to help you cover the cost of air freight shipments.

Because it’s one of the most expensive forms of freight shipments, if you don’t calculate the ROI wisely, on-air freight can drain your profits and result in severe business losses.

  • Sea or Ocean Freight

One of the most preferred freight shipment methods is sea freight. You can ship heavy equipment from one country to another with no hassles. There’s minimum risk of damage to your consignment, and it offers one of the most-cost effective shipments. But cost-effective delivery cannot guarantee your maximized profits and revenue. Due to the increased delivery span, your consignments can get stuck between the supply chain, and the receivers might refuse to give you the complete payment. You need a hybrid freight model in place to ship your consignments from ports to destinations which can add to the expenses of your freight shipment.

  • Land freight

Land freight shipment comprises the train, truckload, and less than truckload modes. Let’s discuss them separately.

  • Train Freight

It’s an economical method of shipping heavy equipment like sea freight, but it’s comparatively less expensive. It might take longer to ship your consignments as it’s slower than the air shipment. You can use train freight combined with another freight shipment to drive an optimized ROI and maximize your profits.

  • Truckload Shipment

Trucks are efficient for shipments within the country. If your freight weighing is over 15000 pounds, you choose truckload shipments. It can also be used as an extended shipment method combined with other freight shipments to help your business unlock better profits.

It’s not the quickest shipment method but based on the specific seniors and shipment requirements; you can choose the truckload freight method.

  • Less than Truckload Shipment

You can use LTL to fulfill your shipment requirements with maximum profits with ideal and cost-effective shipping with limited freight. It doesn’t offer a large container capacity and is limited for inter-state delivery consignments. Now that you know the basics of different shipment methods, you need to understand your requirements and finalize a freight shipment path as well as best-suited combinations of shipment types to lock in more sales and revenue while scoring high on profitability. If you want to maximize efficiency and optimize results with your filtering process, you can skip the manual process and choose an advanced platform to help you with the most optimum end-to-end freight shipments.

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