Elements that Determine Best Full Container Load (FCL) Company

Elements that Determine Best Full Container Load (FCL) Company

Today there are no limits to what a business can do to reach its customers; no geographical boundaries can stand in the way of a business determined to grow. Logistics play an essential part in making global products available in every corner of the world. Shipment services are the backbone of this wide global network. Many big businesses use Full Container Load (FCL) to ship large amounts of goods. But before you go and choose an FCL, there are some things you consider to get the best FCL for your needs.

This article mentions some factors that you should consider before selecting an FCL.

Some considerations to keep in mind

Conveyance pace and range

Digital methods have made it easier to place orders. Now, customers or businesses can place orders from anywhere, and they demand the same ease and speed with which they placed the order in the delivery. So, it is important to choose a service provider that can deliver on time and has reliable international networks and a good reputation overseas.

The service provider should deliver the products in minimum time, even in the cases of uncertainties that may cause unexpected delays. Assess all these factors and possibilities and then choose the FCL company that does not compromise in fulfilling these demands.


Scalability is all about how effectively an FCL company meets your large shipping demand. Over time, your business will grow, and you will need more space for your goods. A competent service provider should match your changing requirements as you grow and support all your shipping demands, from providing spacious and technologically equipped warehouses to speedy delivery.

  1. Expertise: Several products are delivered overseas. These products have distinct features and qualities based on which they require specific shipping conditions, including:
  2. Packaging: Packaging may differ based on insulation, refrigeration, and fragility of the products. Some goods require airtight packing, and some may need cool temperatures. If the products are fragile, they will need more protection in packaging.
  3. Valuation: The prices for different goods may differ; usually, perishable goods are shipped at a higher price. Consider this too when you estimate the cost of the full delivery service.
  4. Shipping time: You should know how long your products will be in transit and what condition they will be in when they reach the customers.

The company you choose should be able to deliver on all these factors.

After-sale service

The services and responsibilities of a shipping company are limited to you only, and they extend to the end-users too. Customer satisfaction should be your and your shipping partner’s prime objective. You should maintain proper communication throughout the shipping period, have transparent services that are traceable by both you and the end customers, and be responsive to customer queries. The quality of services provided by the shipping company reflects directly in your business’s reputation. That’s why you should pay attention to the quality of services before selecting a partner.


Consistency is the key to success. This applies to every endeavour you take on and your shipping partner. As a business, you get affected by the events in your environment that affect the shipping process. Activities such as policies, trade relations between nations, weather, any sudden problem in the shipping containers or ships may cause unexpected delays or compromise the entire process. Your aim should be to choose an FCL company that provides just the same services even in difficult times without compromising the time and quality of the delivery.


When you operate in a dynamic and ever-changing world, you have to be flexible to cope with the changes that can make and break your business. Many factors can affect the shipping process, and to deal with them, you may have to make changes in your plan. The shipping company should adopt a flexible approach while delivering the goods. They should be able to cope with the changes happening around the world and diverse solutions to the problems that may arise at the time of shipping.

Many factors go into selecting the right shipping partner for your business. The first thing you should do is make a proper assessment of your requirements as a business, including everything from the time it should take to deliver products, quality standards, policies regarding the delivery, and customer services and once you have done this, look for a shipping company that fulfils these criteria and becomes your shipping partner for a long, long time.

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