Freight Forwarder Survey Health Improvement Report 2023

Mon 19 June, 2023

Freight Forwarder Survey Health Improvement Report 2023

This whitepaper is brought to you by ECU360, based on industry research and internal studies.

We are excited to offer you an exclusive opportunity to access our Freight Forwarder Survey Health Improvement Report 2023. Our study analyzes the latest trends in Freight Forwarder operations and the challenges they encounter in their day-to-day activities. 

The report is based on responses from 963 participants, and we are grateful to each of them for their contributions to this study.

In this report, we analyze the challenges faced by freight forwarders in their day-to-day operations and provide insights into the growth and decline of forwarding businesses, the future of booking services, the reasons for growth, challenges forwarders face, and solutions and services forwarders would like to offer.

One of the key findings of this report is that e-commerce is rapidly growing, with almost 50% of the forwarding businesses serving the trading or manufacturing industry. Additionally, the report reveals that LCL, FCL, and air freight are the top three most valuable services as per forwarders.

Freight Forwarder Survey Health Improvement Report report is divided into several sections, including an executive summary, survey objectives, participant details, future of booking services, reasons for growth, challenges faced by forwarders, solutions and services that forwarders would like to offer, challenges to enablement, and desired services pack for the future.

Our report includes charts and figures that provide a clear understanding of the data and insights presented.

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