How is the supply chain for air freight secured

How is the supply chain for air freight secured

A sophisticated distribution network connecting producers and shippers to freight forwarders, off-airport freight consolidators, and airport sorting and cargo handling facilities, where products are loaded into and unloaded from airplanes, is the foundation of the air cargo sector. The Aviation Transport Security Act of 2004 defines air cargo as items delivered by airplanes that are not bags or stores. The majority of goods transported by air are often expensive and time-sensitive commodities. High-value machine parts and manufacturing equipment, electronic parts for manufactured goods, consumer electronics, jewelry, and perishables like fresh flowers, fruit, seafood, and pharmaceuticals are typical examples of air cargo.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, roughly $30 billion worth of cargo is lost annually, and instances of cargo theft hit all-time highs in 2012 so the questions comes how is the supply chain for air freight secured?

Supply chain experts use a multi-layered strategy to safeguard goods that combines cutting-edge technology and refined basic procedures, like in-depth personnel training. At the same time, federal legislation and programmes aim to improve cargo security at the country’s ports and borders.

Continuously assessing areas for improvement is crucial to secure the supply chain. Companies occasionally don’t know they are vulnerable until a crime is committed.

Some effective ways

Digitalization and the requirement for more resourcefulness

There are many manual processes used in the air cargo sector. Although not very effective, it is possible if there are enough people. However, you can tell those labor-intensive procedures are no longer necessary when a global health crisis occurs and requires you to temporarily or permanently lower workforce levels globally.

Optimize your loading techniques

Stacking need to be stable and uniform. The weight should be distributed equally over the pallets, and the height should remain constant. The heaviest load should be placed on top of the lightest load. When it comes to loading freight, detailed paperwork, established methods, and procedures are crucial. Avoid stacking cartons or pallets twice, use a cushion to prevent product damage from swings, and fill in any gaps with the right amount of dunnage to keep the items from shifting.

Enhance your handling techniques

Employees are compelled to handle packages improperly and damage merchandise for a variety of reasons, including poor judgement, a lack of work ethic, inadequate training, and a high-pressure environment to produce more. Employees need to receive proper training in how to handle equipment safely at work. Forklift operators, for instance, should be aware of weight restrictions when lifting heavy cargo. Maintaining your workforce’s training enables you to ensure optimal production, minimal accidents, and product damage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 major threats in air transport?

The air cargo system is vulnerable to a variety of security threats, including potential explosives plots, illegal shipments of hazardous materials, criminal activities such as smuggling and theft, and potential hijackings and sabotage by people with access to aircraft.

What are the security measures for air cargo?

Acceptable screening methods include x-ray machines, explosives detection systems, explosives trace detection, TSA-certified explosives detection canine teams, and physical searches conducted concurrently with manifest verifications. Cargo documents and known shipper verification are not acceptable methods of screening.



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